ODD NY "Temporary Zones"

"Temporary Zones" is the third installment in the "ODD NY" series. Following up on the previous subjects focusing on maps and also windows at night; this one explores the transitory nature of NYC architecture through the building and re-building of scaffolding across the city. On the one hand completely ubiquitous and banal, it's easy to tune out the psychological presence of the ever changing and omnipresent fixture that is scaffolding. Up one day, gone the another, it's the building blocks for a city that always has and always will be in a state of flux.


Lead Animator: Willie Russell (Advntr)

Production Company: ODD NY
Executive Producer: Tim Case, Charles Salice
Director / Creative Director: Gary Breslin
DP: Shawn Kim, Saul Metnick
Lead Animator: Willie Russell
HOP: Matthew Turke
Music / Sound Design: Kevin Ferguson @ Boiler Room



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Brooklyn, New York