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One of our favorite partners to collaborate with [cause+effect] approched us with an exciting new project from Amazon Web Services (AWS). They were asked to develop a series of animated spots that tell the collaboration story between AWS and select partners. This particular spot was for Launch Darkly on AWS. Launch Darkly consists of advanced tools, technologies, and digital methods that enable software developers to innovate faster and deploy fearlessly. 

Telling Launch Darkly's Story

Like all of our projects, we always start on paper. We were provided a script from [cause+effect], and from there, we sketched out our concepts and storyboards. This story in particualr was a blast to design - dark, moody brand colors, with pops of vibrant fun. We were very much inspired by Launch Darkly's guidelines, and were able to create a lively, unique look for this animated video.


Bringing a Brand's Guidelines to Life

Once we had our storyboards approved, we were good to move forward to design. We researched Launch Darkly's brand, were provided their guidelines and past work, and went from there. These styleframes made it easier for the client to envision the final animation.


Adding Suprise and Delight

One of our favorite things about our job is adding that surprise and delight to all of our work. Through animation, we were able to take static storyboards and styleframes and make this world come alive. With the spot fully animated, music and sound add that final, nice finishing touch.



Creative Directors

Willie and Jill Russell


Jill Russell


Willie Russell




Jamie Hubbard

Lise Dupuis

Jason Zemlicka

Brett diPretoro 





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